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Pintel the Pirate
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Born James Alfred Pinaltson, Pintel wasn't what you'd call spoilt. But he wasn't what you'd call poor either. He was one of the rare cusps of society, his father making a decent living being a dockhand and working when he could while his mother was one of the women lucky enough to be a housewife instead of having to turn to prostitution to feed not only herself, but also her family. At least until she died, and that happened whilst Pintel was only a lad of nine years old.

Pintel was one of six brothers and sisters, eldest by three years. Being the eldest he was the one given a proper education. Once his father would have passed on he would be the 'man of the house' and get in good earnings to support his family. His education was costly, but he eventually became a Teacher of young boys at the local school. There he taught basic grammar, English, arithmetic, and history. He may have been only twenty at the time but he was a very strict teacher. If a boy dared talk when he wasn't meant to he'd get the cane to either his behind or his knuckles. It was Pintel's way, after all.

But ever since he had been young and visiting his father on the docks, Pintel had a love of the sea at heart. The roar of the ocean, the wind in his hair (when it wasn't tied back), and the stories he'd hear that had been passed onto sailor onto his father and onto him always filled his head with such vision and wonder it didn't take long for him to change positions.

He spent his early days as a simple sailor, getting his sea legs. Once he was more certain he joined the Royal Brittish Navy, and he sailed on the seas for a good five years until things got . . . complicated. It is rumored amongst the naval officers that the young Pinaltson was a bit off with one of the other soilders. Alas one night when their ship docked the other soilder, as well as the officer of the ship, was found dead and Pinaltson no where to be found. This chapter of his life over with, 'Pintel' was born again at the tender age of 28, and he jumped head long into a life of piracy like how a bird took to flight. Pintel has been on many ships in his fair time, each time he'd leave either by his own choice or being thrown off or out right left behind. It didn't bother him since he was quick to move onto another ship given his way of never becoming too 'chummy' with his crewmates.

That all got turned on it's head when he saved the life of a fifteen year old whelp by the name of Ragetti - saving him from the hands of Captain 'Woodpecker' who was the one to carve the young boys eye out. After a fight which ended with Pintel's lovely scar the two were quick to make their escape from Tortuga and the friendship started. Despite Pintel already having twenty years to his life more then the young lad Pintel found himself enjoying the kid's company. After a few adventures of their own the two were hired by a certain Jack Sparrow. The two's already well cemented friendship came in handy amongst the bunch of cut throats Jack had also hired, and even more so when the two ended up cursed to spend what could possibly be forever as undead pirates.

By now the curse has passed, and by a mean sliver of chance Pintel and Ragetti escaped their death sentence and are now on the high seas again. He'd like to believe he's aware of what's going on around him, but he's at least more aware of what's happening then his friend. It helps to make things seem he's in control. When majority of the times, he ain't.