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Date/Time: August II / Tuesday / 10:00 pm Location: Deck of the…

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Date/Time: August II / Tuesday / 10:00 pm
Location: Deck of the Libertine
Open To: Drabble
Currently Involving: Pintel
Warnings: None

Pintel stood at the bow of the ship, arms folded and resting on the balcony. A passer-by would think he was looking out to sea, but in all honesty he wasn’t really looking at anything. His yellow glazed eyes were staring unblinking, unfocused. He had spent the whole day doing whatever he was told by the Captains, grunting rather then using his words, and when he wasn’t following orders he’d slink away into the shadows and not reappear unless someone called his name.

That is, someone whose name wasn’t Ragetti.

He had avoided the one-eyed pirate since that morning, whenever he heard the familiar clumping of the lad’s footfalls coming down a hall he would make himself scarce and vanish from sight into another room. It wasn’t that he loathed the lad, no… Pintel couldn’t bring himself to hate the one solitary human being alive who he’d consider his friend. He was just a ball of emotions, all curled in on themselves awaiting the chance to explode and take the head off whoever stood in front of him.

The lad was stupid. A clumsy, big footed, one-eyed, scrawny Irish kid who didn’t know any better even after all he had been through. From having his eye carved out, to being beaten and ten years sailing under cursed sails; he still was a daft bloody fool. How many times had Pintel saved Ragetti’s bony arse in the past? Even though he could count (unlike many pirates) he had lost count. The first night they met he’d saved the lad from a vicious pirate captain and even know he didn’t really understand why.

He’d taken to the lad because he was so lost. A little bit of pity, a fifteen year old boy with an eye missing and no brains about him. Somewhere Pintel saw potential. And he thought maybe if he helped raise the lad right; it’d balance out all the shit he had dealt before hand. So the two had escaped an entire pirate crew howling for their blood, lied to another captain – saying Ragetti was his son and they’d began their lives on the sea together.

The kid bothered him of course, a lot of the time he’d shoot his mouth out because he still had no brains. Pintel taught him the ropes of pirating, the code, the rules, how to fight… Ragetti had absorbed it all like a skinny diseased sponge but most of the time it didn’t stick very long. He was gangly, awkward, young and fool hearty. But his friendship had helped Pintel out in the past, the rough times… like when they were cursed, Pintel would almost break down from being unable to feel anything. Ragetti had stuck by him, giving him support and his friendship without asking for anything back.

And my word when they could feel the wind in their hair, the sun on their face, food and drink again… it was cruel how they were arrested almost immediately after they were woken from their personal Hell. Carted off to Jail to be tried and hung, or shot. Pintel had witnessed many of the men he’d spent ten years or more with carted away never to be returned. He and Ragetti had sat in their jail cell and just watched the men go. It was by pure chance that the dog with the keys had taken a liking towards him, and happily came, tail wagging and panting towards the older man.

Escaped they did. Very easily they could have shaken hands, wished each other luck in life and gone their separate ways. They had no more ties. No treasure. No Captain. No ship to speak of. But had they? No… no they hadn’t. Ragetti had happily followed Pintel’s order of stealing a measly little dingy and find themselves an island to live on. And what did they get? Stuck. Again. Fate had a way of laughing at Ragetti and Pintel, making life harder as soon as they thought they were finally getting things easy again.

And now!

Ragetti had to go and get mushy on him. Granted, Ragetti had been very touchy feely before but never with anything… wrong in mind. When he was scared Ragetti would all but cling to the aging pirates arm, or leg, or back for protection. It was almost his default setting, to run to Pintel when he was in trouble. Many times Ragetti when he was being beaten up by crewmates unable to defend himself he’d cry out for the old pirate – and what would Pintel do? He’d come running, kicking groins and slamming heads together. To Ragetti he was a hero.

And now.

Without Ragetti by his side, Pintel began to realise just how old and lonely he felt.

And it was not something he enjoyed at all.
* * *