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Date/Time: A week after the arrest / Sunday / Midnight Location:…

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Date/Time: A week after the arrest / Sunday / Midnight
Location: Jail
Open To: Ragetti
Currently Involving: Pintel, Ragetti, the Dog
Warnings: Imagery of death, swearing, one playful doggie

The night air was absolutely freezing, and add to that the cold steel and hard rock surrounding him and Ragetti, Pintel was absolutely freezing. It would figure as much. No sooner had he felt the wind against his face and could look upon his hands in the direct moonlight without seeing rotting flesh and bone, he was arrested and dragged (still in the yellow dress, of course) away by the bastard red coated sons of bitches. To think, he'd been one of them once! That made his gut roll around in on itself.

Pintel rubbed his shoulders in a frail attempt of warming himself, but it didn't do no good. And the charred flesh of his right wrist still hurt something awful. Shortly after they were arrested, one by one the crew had been taken away. At first Pintel thought it was to be hung, but they were put before some stuffy short bugger who asked questions. Too many questions, and Pintel; being a decent pirate when he chose to be, had said nothing. He'd spat in the man's face. That resulted in him being branded, and told even in the afterlife they'll know he was a no good blood spilling pirate.

Already he'd seen half his crewmates for the past ten years being led away in bonds to be hung as the sun would rise. They were going through them like how a child goes through sweets. And he knew soon his, and Ragetti's, time will be up. They'll be dragged from the jail cell they shared, wrists bound by ropes and all but lead out amongst a gaggle of idiotic fools who'd boo them. Throw things at them. Then have their crimes read out for all to hear, before the rope would go around their necks and . . .

Pintel shut his eyes tightly. He was a brave man. Even before his cursed years he hadn't cared much for life. He'd been daring, shooting and pillaging and plundering like the best of them because he didn't care about death. But suddenly, having his mortality suddenly shoved back onto his shoulders he felt . . . scared. Of death. He feared what his last few seconds of life will be like. Will his life flash before his eyes? Maybe he made the wrong choices. Maybe he should have stayed a teacher. Or at least on the right side of the law. Maybe he could have married that lovely lady with the firey red hair and bosom so full it looked like ripe mangos. He could have been a father now. No, a GRANDFATHER if he'd played his cards right.

Instead here he was, waiting for the guard to come and spit his name out and take him to meet his maker. And who was he with? A starved, one eyed, whimpering ball of pirate who'd stuck by him since he'd saved his scwarny ass when the lad had been no more then fifteen years old. Ragetti had stuck with him, better then anyone else Pintel had known his entire life. They'd fought together, drank together, been cursed together and now they were awaiting death together. A little part of him hoped Ragetti would go first; not just so he'd get an extra day of life out of it, no . . .

He couldn't stand the idea of the lad being left alone without him even if it were a day.

Looking over his shoulder he saw Ragetti seemed to be having trouble sleeping too. Sniffing the coldness from his nose he scooted over and shoved the lad in the back of the shoulder. "Wake up, sleepin' beauty." he muttered. When Ragetti didn't stir Pintel thought maybe he really was asleep. Or crying again. Now that he wasn't lost in his thoughts he could hear some sniffling coming from the lad. "C'mon, I seen ye cry more time then I can count." he urged gruffly.

Thread closed, hurrah for backstory again!
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On August 9th, 2006 07:19 pm (UTC), me_eye commented:
He'd never cared for the Navy. And the short blustering officer that saw them the day of their arrival; Ragetti didn't care for him none either. In fact; he'd like to have forgotten him. Sadly; that would never happen. The wig-wearing squirt of a man had jested; jeered and snarled at them. Calling them unfit and unclean. Dirty pirates! Rags had stood there quietly for most of everything; wincing as Pintel was branded; keeping his tongue in check for the most part. But when this short man had gone so far as to curse Pintel to hell for being a black hearted devil and no better; Ragetti had blistered and spat himself.

"Better ah devil th'a sends souls t'hell swingin' ah cutlass th'a an ASRE 'Ow only does it 'ehind papers!"

Lord Beckett had grinned at this statement and issued his conies to bend the scrawny pirate over his desk flipping up his still quite pretty pink skirt. He'd lifted his searing brand and grinned.

"Arse, eh? Ironic. All pirates get their's in the end, - but in death now only those who have seen you coming will know what you are."

Oh how Rags had yelped.


Even tho the outcome of a pirates life was more then 90% that death would come prematurely - Ragetti had never been one to dwell on said fact. Even in his short life (counting the ten years even) he'd of course; seen enough untimely death, hell; even been the cause of more then one 'an untimely death' himself - but it never bothered to sink in with the young pirate; ESPECIALLY after ten years of immortality - that his first few living breaths would be under arrest; or that he'd be spending the rest of his life - waiting to die.

Yo ho, a pirates life.

The young pirate took the looming fact with a silence that didn't fit him. Days spent in a cold and breezy cell were passed by staring out the small barred window that over looked the sea; but if one was to squeeze their form to the very side of it - you could get a barred glimpse of the gallows. For days; Ragetti watched with his one good eye - cheek mussed against the dirty wall - as nearly ever single one of his pirate brethren met their maker at the end of a rope. His watched; strained - listening for the snap of bone over the cheer of the crowd. They'd deserved it. He deserved it; Pintel deserved it - but he didn't feel they deserved a cheer as they were sent to hell. None of them had ever been kind to him nor Pintel. But a cheering was heartbreaking and cruel.

The gallows scared Rags more then anything. He'd studied more then one man falling to his death this way; the knot of the rope breaking their neck. But he'd seen more then one man straggle too. And they were always as he was. Tall starved men whose body weight wasn't enough to taunt the rope at the very end. They strangled and swung till life finally left their tortured bodies. Finally swinging dead in the breeze with their faces twisted and purple.

Every night; shivering in the cold; Ragetti worried.

His backside still stung something painfully and he'd take accustom to laying on his belly in the dirty straw; one-eyed face pressed into the kook of his filthy arm. Trying to hide the fear or the tears that occasional came. When he heard Pintel's proclamation in the dim light; that single blue; puffy and red - shifted toward the voice.

" Cun help it, Pinter's..s'not fair.. ah dun wanna die."
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On August 9th, 2006 10:23 pm (UTC), heshotme replied:
Pintel sighed slowly having heard that statement. For a man who didn't want to die he had taken a mighty big interest in watching their fellow pirates meet their maker. Pintel would have no look at it, though. He would sit at the far end of the cell, looking like a limp rag doll, as they would hear the muffled talk of an officer, then the cheer along with that awful sound. Sent shivers up his spine each time, and his neck would hurt on hearing it too. To think, it'll be them soon. Bloody civilians . . . you don't cheer at a man's funeral, why cheer when he dies? Sure they weren't the best people alive but Christ! Give a man some dignity.

Dignity. The one thing pirates rarely get from anyone but other pirates; and even then you'd have to be a captain or a Bos'un to get that respect.

"I know. I dun wanna die either. Least. Not like this." but when you're a pirate you have a rare say in how you die. Either by sword or by noose. Or drowning. Pintel shivered again, before looking down at Ragetti's eye tear stained eye. Lord this lad could cry something awful when he wanted, and without fear too sometimes. Just out right bawl, like when he had splinters in his eye socket. Pintel wished he felt the same way; that he could cry. But he hadn't shed any tears in many years now, he felt maybe his were broken. Or he was too cold hearted.

He reached down and mussed up Ragetti's hair slightly, "Still, can't say we didn't 'ave fun while it lasted, eh?"
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On August 9th, 2006 10:36 pm (UTC), me_eye replied:
Maybe the old pirate would finally cry after Ragetti gagged to death at the gallows. Heaven's knows it was probably BEST the lad went first - there'd have been no way Rags watched or even listened to Pintel's last moments. He'd merely watched the other's in a paranoid sense of state - while he felt bad for them; he was not emotionally attached - but to Pintel?

No; there'd be no hanging Ragetti if Pintel went first. He'd kill himself with his tears.

A long sniff left that starved frame as he felt the fingers in his hair. Rags ran his nose over his sleeve before rolling to his side to face the older man. He winced as he shifted and rather dropped his heavy feeling head (which really had no weight it at all.) into Pintel's lap and stared up at him with that puffy good blue. "Yah, mate we had lot 'O fun. Been real swell sailin' wit ye.. ah jus' wish we coulda dun it ah bit more. Wit no Cap'n now.. we coulda gone off on O'r own; dun wot we like. Curse free..."

His gaze drifted off toward the window. He could hear the ocean waves lapping; chat like almost; as if they were calling to the two pirates.

"... Wot would ye wanna do.. any'way if we's wasn't 'bout ta meet th'devil?"
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On August 9th, 2006 11:14 pm (UTC), heshotme replied:
"Wot would I do?" Pintel echoed, for a rare moment allowing Ragetti to rest his head in his lap and he continued to pat his head as if he were a dog or something. "Well . . ." he lifted his head to gaze at the iron bars that blocked the view of the sky. "I'd like ta find me an island. 'Ave a small boat, dun 'afta be a massive one, ta go to 'n fro . . . jes live out me days free. Free of captain's, free of curses, free of the whole freakin' lot." looking back down to Ragetti he had to smirk a bit. "'Ow 'bouts you? Wot'd ye like ta do with yeself ifn' we weren't bein' given our death certificates?"
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On August 10th, 2006 10:49 am (UTC), me_eye replied:
Oh the petting was niiiiiiiiiice. Something the young pirate had not received since he'd been nothing more then a wean still with his mother. Both sticky puffy eyes (both without and WITH a real eyeball) closed and Ragetti let his hurt; aching bony form relax as he laid in his best friend's lap. A small smile tugged his dirty sunchapped lips at Pintel's dream. Was a real nice place - and for a moment; Ragetti forgot all about the fact that it was only that.

A Dream.

"Me?" The younger pirate actually murred from his position. He lazily cracked the good eye back open and flurried his brows a bit. "..not really evah thought 'bout it... 'suppose Ah'd ,,,like tah come wit ye? 'n' live on yer island wit ye?"

Ragetti laid a hand on Pintel's knee and grubbingly wound his long skeletal fingers into the fabric there. ".. less ye wouldna want me tah do th'. Would ye have me stay wit ye, Pinters?"
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On August 10th, 2006 11:12 am (UTC), heshotme replied:
Pintel put on a brave face and smiled as best as he could given the situation. The night air suddenly seemed to ease off just a bit, to be replaced with a rare wash of warmth from . . . somewhere. He chuckled, still petting Ragetti's hair. "Well o'course ye'll be with me. 'Ow could I leaves my best mate b'hind after 'ow many years together?" he smirked, "Sure lad, I'll want ya with me."
It was here when Pintel heard a noise coming from the outside corridor. Lifting his head he sees a shadow begin to fall over the cold stone walls, but it's a bizare shadow to be cast. Looks. . . furry. His question is answered when an aging dog suddenly came walking down the corridor as if it were the warden. It very well could be, since tightly clamped in it's jaw is . . .
"Rags, LOOK!" Pintel got to his feet quickly, pointing. "That bloody mutt's got the key!" you see the dog itself had been wandering around a lot the past few days, having seen so many new arrivals it had been slightly startled at first and had opted for laying under his master's bed and only coming when called for. Since it was so late, the dog felt the need to pee. And since peeing isn't allowed inside it was finally heading down the hallway to go outside. Probably to pee on the gallows.
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On August 10th, 2006 11:47 am (UTC), me_eye replied:
Ragetti sniffed again. But this time it was a happy sniff compared to the sad weepy ones he'd been doing for days now. Something about knowing that Pintel wouldn't mind him hanging around really brightened his outlook on life (however short it was to be.) The petting and the reassurance. God; where would he have been without the stoat old Pirates guidance?

Dead long before know - no doubt!

"Really - Pin-" He was cut off by the older pirates sudden explosion to a stand. The side of the younger pirates head slapped into the stray. He whimpered; then just all out groaned. Fingers. He'd been enjoying that too. With another sound; the scrawny pirate slowly rose to his feet and slowly made his way over toward the bars to where Pintel was. He crotched on his long legs (hissing in pain as he rested his arse on the back of his heels) and turned his attention to the mangy mutt that Pintel had pointed out.

"Tis ah dog wit keys!" Rags nodded his head in agreement; making his fake eye spin. He then shot his grubby hand out and kissed at the mutt. " 'ere Doggy! 'ere Doggy!"

The old mutt paused in it's track and stared at the two in their cell. It stared and stared and then simply sat itself down and began scratching it's ear lazily.
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On August 10th, 2006 12:00 pm (UTC), heshotme replied:
Pintel narrowed his eye at it. Oh great, a dog with attitude. He hated those. He prefered canines to be . . . well, kinda like Ragetti. Faithful and follows orders and only rarely pines. He tapped his bottom lip in thought. "If we's gets that dog close enough jes ta grab it's tail or sumthin. . ." he whistled.
The dog stopped scratching its ear and looked lazily up at the aging pirate and sniffed the air. These two smelt as bad as he did. Tilting his head he made a "hnnn?" noise through his throat.
The older pirate beamed, before an idea suddenly struck him and he looked down at Rags. "Rags, gimmie yer eye!"
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On August 10th, 2006 12:04 pm (UTC), me_eye replied:
Ragetti wrinkled his nose at the tail-pulling comment. "But Pinters.. ah dun wanna 'urt th'dog." Not that he cared too much for them - but even as a pirate he was above randomly tormenting animals. He clicked his tongue a few times at the dog. Nothing was working.

"Me eye?" The scrawny pirate turned toward Pintel with a confuzzeled look. Even as he questioned the older pirate he still reached up and plucked that wooden item out of his puffy and red eye socket. It was rubbed on his grimy shirt before being held up for Pintel to view. It should have been obvious; or he should have at least been able to make a guess - but maybe the cold and ache had dimmed the younger pirates deduction skills.

"Wot ye need me eye fer, Pintel?"
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On August 10th, 2006 12:13 pm (UTC), heshotme replied:
Pintel grinned widely as Ragetti obediently held out his fake eye and he took it from him still grinning so wide you think his face would break. He turned back to the dog and crouched, holding the ball in one hand. "Oh now, wot 'ave I got 'ere then?" he asked in a loud, bad acting voice.
It got the dog's attention, either way. It turned it's head to stare at Pintel.

"Why, it's. . ." Pintel held it closer in his hands before suddenly throwing it up in the air and catching it again. Pintel had dealt with dogs before. You just needed to grab their attention away with something. And he knew most dogs were trained to retrieve things for their masters, be them sticks, ducks, or in this case . . . wooden eyes. Pintel threw it again, higher this time.

The dog's eyes widened in great interest, watching the round object getting thrown higher and higher. Getting to his feet his tail began wagging. Oh it had been many years since his owner had thrown a ball for him, and seeing the eye going higher and higher brought up a feeling long since dead in the dog.



Pintel whistled again, now shaking the eye at the dog, who, after a very long pause (while it's tail was stil wagging) took a few tentative steps forward.

"Ya wannit?" Pintel asked eager, throwing the eye again. "Ye wanit, dun ye wee doggy?" he asked again. The dog seemed to answer by its tail wagging even more.
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On August 10th, 2006 12:18 pm (UTC), me_eye replied:
..and then Rags got it.

AND HE WASN'T HAPPY! "N-no!" Ignoring the complaining of his Bum as he rocked back and forth; the scrawny pirate lunched himself around Pintel's waist and tried to paw for his eye as the older pirate began to use it as a fucking.. TOY for the dog.

"DUN DO THA! Dun use me eye like tha! Wot if e take it in buries it, or chews it up?! PINTEL! PINTEL! GIVE ME ME EYE BACK!" Ragetti was NOT keen on this idea. He'd spend more then once dealing with animals having his eye. Especially Barbossa's pest; Jack the monkey. And the dog was big enough to swallow his damn eye!

"Ah dun like th'way e's lookin' at me eye! Pinters! E's gonna eat it! Please dun throw it.. please, please, please???" His grubby long fingers wrapped around Pintel's wrist and he tried to shake the eye loose from the other pirates hand! "Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiint!!!"
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On August 10th, 2006 12:27 pm (UTC), heshotme replied:
Despite suddenly having Ragetti all but climbing all over his legs Pintel ignored him, shoving a hand into his friend's face and keeping him down as he continued to throw the eye up into the air. The dog's eyes were still transfixed on the glorious wooden orb, it's jaw was beginning to open slightly to pant. The very idea of playing just a bit was making it's heart beat quicken and it's tail was already wagging as fast as it had in years. The dog was finally close, if only Ragetti would let go and try and grab the keys . . . c'mon mate, TEAMWORK. But seeing he wasn't about to do that, Pintel had to do it. He hated to, really. It took him a good month to carve this thing. But he brought his hand back, grinned widely at the dog and let the eye go flying through the air.

The second it left his hands it flew through the bars, the dog's jaw opened to let out a joyvil bark of complete and utter rapture, dropped the keys, and went racing after the bouncing eye as it rolled on down the corridor. Pintel shoved Ragetti completely off him, grabbed the keys and quickly pulled them into the cell and began unlocking the cell. He worked fast and within seconds the iron gate flew open.
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On August 10th, 2006 12:32 pm (UTC), me_eye replied:
You'd think he might of gotten the jist of it in the long run; but he couldn't help it! That eye was the single and most important possession he had! It might not of fit well; splintered something awful and didn't even point in the right direction; but dammit! It was his eye and the only thing he'd ever gotten from someone else (That being Pintel!)

The moment those doors flew open; Ragetti was off Pintel and too his feet. Ignoring the pain of his branded bum; the tall skinny pirate all but dived out the door and screeched at the mutt. "ME EYE! GIVE'T BACK!"

The straggly mutt yipped to himself and TOOK off down the jail cells; holding the eye in his mouth. Rags skidded on the hard floor and took after the mutt as fast as those long legs could carry him, swiping at the mutt as he tried to get his eye back from it. He hadn't even come to realize that they were.. GOD FREE! Yet! So hyped up on getting his damn eye back!

And with the way he was screeching and yelping himself; they might not be free too long.
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On August 10th, 2006 12:40 pm (UTC), heshotme replied:
Pintel was about to rush after Ragetti but he stopped, grabbed the keys, and took off after him. Gawd 'n bennit his friend was a blooming idiot! He failed to realise how imporant it was to KEEP THE FUCK QUIET. He'll wake everyone in Port Royal at this rate! Putting all he could into his running he hurried after Ragetti and the dog. Luckily he finally caught up, the dog having turned around to face Ragetti.

But the dog was still playful, eye in jaw (it seemed to be staring at Ragetti almost) as it was bent down, its bum in the air and it's tail wagging still. Aw, he's still playful like. Too bad the pirate isn't. Pintel grabbed Ragetti (who had slipped and fallen, hence why he hadn't lurched at the dog again) by the back of the shirt and yanked him back down as the pirate had tried to stand again.

"Keep yer bloody mouth shut." he hissed into Ragetti's ear, "Unless ye wanna git put back in there again." he added before changing personality completely and smiling at the dog. "'N 'oos a good boy? Yer a good boy, yes you are. 'N lookit what I got now!" Pintel jingled the keys.

Once again the dog was enrapt, first they throw a ball for him now they bring his favourite toy again! It was like Christmas when he'd get a whole blood pudding to himself. His tail wagging again he got to his feet.

"Nuh uh uh uh, sit." Pintel ordered. Given how the dog looked upon Pintel with some new found authority all through throwing an eye for him, he promptly sat. "Good boy. 'Ere." Pintel tossed the keys. They landed with a 'clink!' and the dog yipped at them, dropped the eye, and snatched up the keys again.

"Now grab yer eye, 'n let's get the hell outta here." Pintel finally said, releasing his grip on Ragetti's shirt finally.
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On August 10th, 2006 12:48 pm (UTC), me_eye replied:
"Mppphhhhh!" That one remaining good eye widened as he was grabbed by the shirt. The fight died down as it always did when Pintel growled or hissed at him. That long starved form froze and the younger pirate all but shut down as Pintel went about playing with the old mutt and getting him to switch his eye for the keys.

Oh... oh. It suddenly dawned on Ragetti just what was going on here. Shit.. Shit! He'd nearly gone and blown the whole escape because he'd been so eager to get his eye back! A low whimper that would have rivaled the mutt's bubbled out of Ragetti's throat. "Ah'm sorry." He said so low it was nearly lost in the dogs happy yips. "Ah'm sorry Pintel.. jus' me eye.."

When he was finally realized; the younger pirate snatched his eye - making quick work to wipe all the dog slobber (YUCK!) off the item and then popping it back into his empty eye socket. It He rotated it once and then was quickly latching a hand into the back of Pintel's coat. Making sure to keep his voice low now; the scrawny pirate bit his lip and pressed close to Pintel. "Wot... wot we gonna do now? O'w we's gonna git outta 'ere with out sumone seein', Pint? Where we gonna go... Wot we gonna do.. we dun even hav'ah boat!"

But it still dawn on him then. They were free - or almost there; and he was suddenly clutching to the older man's back with both hands; hugging him. "Not gonna hang! Ah god; Pinters ye a bloody genius!" Tho this wasn't the time to celebrate - no doubt one of those Navy dogs would be coming by soon to check on the cells!
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On August 10th, 2006 12:56 pm (UTC), heshotme replied:
"I know." Pintel replied casually, and hushed, at the compliment. He turned his head and checked down the corridor. The only sound was of Ragetti and his own breathing, and the dog's nails clicking on the stone floor as it walked up to the two happily. Pintel put a hand to Rag's arm, "Follow me. We'll use the shadows as always, work out way through them . . . not a sound Rags, I mean it. This is our last chance; if we get caught now we're as good as shot dead on the spot." he said quietly, laying out the plans for Ragetti to follow. "So, from 'ere on; mouths, shut."

The two stood in silence for a moment until Ragetti began heading down the corridor, passing one room that seemed to house the goods the red coats had taken from all the pirates. One small detour later the two were finally armed again, and heading out one of the back doors of the jail. And still the dog was following them, even when they broke into a run from the shadows into the pale moonlight to get into more shadows to escape the jail completely; it still effin followed them.

Pintel didn't speak until they had finally escaped into the shadows of the palm trees, expelling a deep breath and put his hands to his knees. "Thank . . . thank God." he muttered.
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On August 10th, 2006 01:03 pm (UTC), me_eye replied:
Not a word? The younger pirate nodded solemnly - tho his heavy breathing alone might have given them away! As they took off into the night away from the Port Royal jail house; he kept to that. He didn't utter a word; even as they dodge in the shadows and skirted around anyone who was even out at this hour. He didn't care that the dog followed - his attention was solely on following Pintel - as he always did.

By the time the older pirate had about collapsed in the dimness under a couple palm trees; Ragetti was happy to sink to his knees before him and kiss the ground they'd figured they'd never seen again. With his scrawny chest heaving; and sweat dribbling down his scruffy face; The dog was panting around his keys as it plopped down in the sand next to them.

Rags turned his good eye to the panting older pirate and grinned at him. The grin faltered tho as he heard the praise leave Pintel's lips and he queried with a tilt of his head. "F-fink 'e really had sumfin tah do wit this? Maybe e's lookin' after O'r mortal souls... we's been givin' ah second chance..." He started to gaze at he heaven's but something in his vision caught his remaining eye.

and with a happy chirp Ragetti pointed at the dock. "Look, mate! It's ah boat!"
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On August 10th, 2006 01:10 pm (UTC), heshotme replied:
The older pirate was about to shove that comment aside, God, huh. He had turned his back on God many many years ago, just as God had done to him and everyone else on his ship. But he was cut off by the fact Ragetti had spotted a boat. Well. A small boat, but a boat none-the-less. And totally alone too, which is odd at this time of night. Odder then the dog that was still trailing them. He looked at the dog quizzicly for a second before getting to his feet.

"Right then." Pintel said, having gotten the wind back in his lungs, and walked out into the moonlight (so damn happy to not see his own rotting flesh in it) and grabbed the boat's rope which tied it to a small tree and easily loosened it. "C'mon Rags. Let's go find us that island we were talkin' about." he said cheerfully, but faltered a bit as the dog happily leaped into the boat first. "...all right fine, but if you give us fleas yer on yer own." he growled at the dog. Who just seemed to beam at him all the more.
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On August 10th, 2006 01:27 pm (UTC), me_eye replied:
Ah hope it has lotsa cocoanuts!"
Free. They were Free! No longer did Rags have to worry about gagging on the end of the rope. He happily followed Pintel into that dingy rowboat; dog and all - and rowed into the moonlight.

When the sun rose they were miles away from Port Royal with nothing but the vast blue yonder around them. Despite his sore bum; Rags had taken a seat across from Pintel - and had been mostly quiet. Tho do to his nature; he did fidget a bit; and it was in a random wiggling moment that he spied the weather worn and torn paged item between Pintel's feet. Trying not to rock the boat; Rags reached for the item and tugged it out.

It was a book, heavy and hand printed with tiny letters. With a leather engraved covered. Squinting at it Rags held it toward Pintel and asked.

"S'th'Bible right? Ye read me sum?"
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